The team members of Biologia are engaged in biodiversity and freshwater ecosystem research.

The results and findings are published in international journals of repute. New species to science, new species distribution records and new methodologies have been described by the team members.

Taxonomy and Biodiversity

Freshwater is essential for our survival and also constitutes an important source of biodiversity. However, anthropogenic pressures are destroying and depleting our already scarce freshwater reserves.

Team Biologia is engaged in research on various aquatic organisms including Zooplankton (Cladocera, Copepoda, Rotifera), ostracods, large branchiopod crustaceans, insects and molluscs. Our focus is on discovering and describing new species from the Northern zone of the Western Ghats megadiversity region followed by different biodiversity assessments.

Bio-monitoring of Eutrophicated and Disturbed Habitats

Anthropogenic activities like organic pollution and urbanization are destroying our freshwater ecosystems. We study effects of such disturbance events on invertebrate diversity using intergrative approaches consisting of taxonomy and functional diversity.

Community Ecology of freshwater pools

Rockpools are important and often neglected temporary freshwater ecosystems which commonly form on rocky outcrops. These habitats harbor unique organisms specifically adapted to survive in these conditions. The Biologia team is engaged in studying the taxonomy, biodiversity and distribution  of some groups of animals found in these amazing habitats. The team members have already discovered  and described new species  from such habitats in the Western Ghats of India and presented a preliminary metacommunity framework of crustaceans occurring in these pools. 

Bio-monitoring of Pashan Lake, Pune

A bio-monitoring study to assess the impacts of disturbance on Zooplankton taxonomic and functional diversity of Pashan Lake which is a shallow water  reservoir situated in Pune city, India. 

Freshwater invertebrates of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Permanent and temporary freshwater bodies in and around Ahmednagar are being surveyed for freshwater invertebrates (Large Branchiopods, Rotifers and Copepods).

Academic assistance and collaboration

Biologia Life Science is also actively engaged in providing academic, infrastructural support and assistance for research projects for undergraduate and graduate students.